A Cat and a Bird (and a lesson on life)

Kat and a bird

Kat is a really cool cat. He adopted me after taking a ride on my pickup along the frame for about 130 miles and then ultimately popping out from under when I arrived home. That was just over two years ago. Since then, he has taught me that cats can play fetch and they can walk with you either with or without a leash. Kat has reminded me that if you just listen, then you can hear what he says. More importantly, Kat reminded me of a truth that many of us often overlook. We think we know things, but we really don’t.

Kat was outside with me one afternoon when a bird flew into a window, knocked itself silly, and landed on its feet right in front of him. “Knowing” the habits of cats, my thought was that the bird was a goner. There was too much distance to intercede. But, instead of attacking and killing the bird, Kat stepped towards him and gently nosed the bird. He then proceeded to examine the bird closely and eventually just sat back and watched as the bird slowly regained its senses.

When the bird regained its faculties, it did not immediately fly away. Instead, it checked out Kat! It cocked its little head and looked Kat over closely. Kat just watched. Eventually, the bird flew away and Kat rose up and walked himself back into the house completely satisfied.

Nothing that happened fit with my knowledge of what happens when cats and birds collide. As I thought about it, it dawned upon me that my “knowledge” was based upon very limited personal observations (maybe one or two at best), cartoons watched growing up as a kid, and a general knowledge passed onto me from others about the nature of cats as I grew up. In other words, I knew nothing about the general nature of cats.

How many of us carry on our lives and make decisions based upon what we think of as “knowledge” that really isn’t? A cat and a bird taught me that we don’t always know what we think we know. For me, it is a lesson I intend to remember.



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David B. Christian

David B. Christian

Born in Woodward, Oklahoma in 1961. Graduated Woodward High School 1979. Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate from University of Oklahoma in 1985 and 1988.