The Cure for Mass Illegal Immigration

Migrant Caravan Credit AFP/Getty Images

Mass illegal immigration has been ongoing for years now. The Democratic Party has been behind what has become an overrun of the borders of the United States. It’s stated reason is sympathy for those who suffer in other countries. The reality is that is it nothing more than a blatant power grab. It is a vast and deep conspiracy among various persons within the Democratic Party and within various federal and state agencies. The design is to bring in large numbers of illegal aliens and then turn them into voters that will support the Democratic Party. That goal is obtained by providing them unearned and underserved benefits followed by granting them citizenship.

Mass immigration continues today. The Biden Administration, as did the Obama Administration, has turned its head and refused to enforce basic immigration laws designed to prevent illegal immigration and to return those who illegally enter this country to their country of origin. When the Trump Administration was in power, attempts to enforce immigration law were continually frustrated by bureaucratic hangovers from the Obama Administration and so-called Sanctuary states and cities.

The short-sightedness of these fools is beyond belief. They seek to create new citizens and faithful Democratic Party members by permitting them to break the laws of this country, encouraging them to break the laws of this country, and even conspiring with them to break the laws of this country. Does the Democratic Party truly believe that by helping people break the very laws of the country they enter that those same people who gained by that illegality will then magically become law abiding and productive citizens? Of course not. The Democratic Party doesn’t care whether these individuals are law abiders or law breakers. It doesn’t care whether they are productive. It also doesn’t care that the citizens of this country are becoming overwhelmed by the economic burden being imposed upon them and that they are being subjected to ever increasing rates of violent crime. All it cares about is what amounts to an illegal and grossly unfair power grab in order to insure its control of the political institutions of our country.

There is a cure for this nonsense. Those of us with a functioning brain should respond in kind. Why don’t we rise up and declare that we aren’t going to pay income tax anymore? Better yet, let’s help our fellow citizens by setting up Sanctuary states and cities which protect those refusing to pay income tax. We can help them avoid those that come after them to enforce the law. We can even conspire with them to break the income tax laws of the country. Why not? Shouldn’t we get to pick and choose which laws we are willing to follow just like those in the Democratic Party? If we do that, then there will be no benefits to hand out. In fact, our country will devolve into anarchy as the federal government fails due to lack of funding. There will be no incentive for people to illegally enter. Problem solved.



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David B. Christian

David B. Christian

Born in Woodward, Oklahoma in 1961. Graduated Woodward High School 1979. Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate from University of Oklahoma in 1985 and 1988.